About a Clock

Biological Clockie.

Maybe you’ve heard her ticking in the distance, and you know she’s coming to visit eventually.

Maybe she’s already your constant companion. (Probably the worst roommate you’ve ever had. Shades of “the call is coming from inside the house!” with this one.)

Maybe you’ve heard about her from your friends, but you haven’t actually met her in person yet. (You sweet, beautiful child of summer. I envy you.)

Maybe she’s popped up in human form to ruin your day.

Maybe you just want to kick her ass.

Whatever your relationship, this webcomic chronicles the adventures of everyone’s favorite frenemy.  Marvel (or cringe) as she wreaks havoc on our psyches and makes us want to punch her right in her stupid little ticking face.

New comics will be posted on Mondays (and bonus comics on Thursdays when schedules permit).


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Tick Tick Womb